3070ti wait times


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It's just bizarre how many myths and speculations there is regarding PCS delivery and assembly process. It almost feels like chasing the ghost不不
PCS have hugely expanded over lockdown, demand and therefor order have been through the roof with everyone working from home and the most significant hardware releases of a decade or so.

As such, a lot of their staff are still fairly new and don't fully understand things.


Im currently on working day 24 in pre-production. With stock for the 3070ti expected in the next few days for those who ordered before the 9th September, Im assuming mine will enter building stage this, or next week.


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Called up and actually ended up chatting with the same guy as the webchat earlier which was perfect

He said that they have no stock of any 30 series in at the moment. If I upgraded to the 3070ti as you did then I'd just be put in a bigger queue and he would be very surprised if I got the machine before Christmas. I'm not sure how you managed to get one to be built in two days!

He told me their delivery dates for the next week or so and if there are no delays with those deliveries then I'm probably looking at a build date in roughly two weeks.

As long as I know when it'll roughly get built it's fine. I'd just hate to be checking every day and getting updated emails saying two days' time.

So place 506th for the card and rough build date at the very end of the month. Just going to stick with that now that I have a more accurate time frame.
I have absolutely no idea, this is what I got told today at 3:40 regarding 3070ti


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