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A year or so on


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So its been over a year since PCS built me my system a fair bit has changed so i thought id do an update.

Current specs are as follows.

Case: Corsair C70 Vengence Gunmetal Black

Processor (CPU): AMD FX 8150

Motherboard: ASUS® Sabertooth 990FX

Memory (RAM): 8GB Kingston HYPER-X

Graphics Card: 3GB Palit NVIDIA Geforce GTX 580

Memory - 1st Hard Disk: 180Gb Corsair Force 3 GS
2nd Hard Disk: 1Tb WD Cavier Black
and so on

Power Supply: Corsair AX1200i Digital PSU

Processor Cooling: Corsair H100 Water cooler

Fan control: Corsair Link cooling and lighting Kit

So i started by fitting the Link cooling and lighting system aswell as braiding anything i could.

Then just threw everything else In and tadaa

Didnt like the sidewindow and needed to move some stuff about and ended up at this.

So thats it hope you all enjoy the Pics


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I have to admit its a really nice case aslong as you mod the side window i heared some horror stories about the cooling but i seem to have some decent temps only a few degrees above my phantom which had the same amount of fans but 3 of which were 200mm so its not bad. It made a big differance adding a solid side window as i was loosing so much air pressure from the side grill, only thing im not that happy with is the work thats gone into the cooling system.

Technically ive paid corsair 100 quid to test a peice of hardware for them, the corsair link system links my lighting, cooling, psu and watercooler all into one secondary bios of sorts but after a week of playing with it i still cant get any real power readings. Thankfully all my cooling except 2 or 3 HDD temps and my lighting works well and incredibly quiet when idle, but as soon as i start putting any stain on anything the link system reacts to the temp and brings up a corresponding fan accordingly.

Just need some more money for my next upgrades so my PSU doesnt get bored pumping out such a low ammount of wattage.