BIOS Help Please

My PCS computer is about 8 years old and when I turn it on I get the following message

Please enter Setup to recover BIOS setting
CMOS Date/Time Not Set
Press F1 to Run SETUP
Press F2 to load default values and continue

I press F2 to continue and it takes ages to load
It has been mentioned to me that the battery needs replacing is it that simple or could there be more issues
Appreciate any one’s help thanks


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Can you post your full spec from order page please.

Bhuna50 - thanks for your help, been into my account and my quotes but can’t find anything….my bad

Martinr36 - Im a dinasaur when it comes to computers LOL is that easy to do, don’t I need to be earthed and would there be any YouTube videos
thanks again for your help
Just fitted a new battery and date/time is now correct but still coming up with the message as in my first post
Any ideas on what to do next please
yes I always press F2 to get it started but it takes ages to load
Im trying to get rid of the message in my first post and then have the pc load properly without any error messages