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Currying Favour


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Does anyone have any recommendations for curry sauce in a jar. I’m sick of my local supermarket selection and imagine there will be someone on the internet somewhere selling an amazing product?


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If you like chinese curry, goldfish brand is excellent and exactly like the chinese takeaway. For Indian curries at home I use youtube and do the spices from scratch 😀


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Ah, curry. The food of the Gods imho... but it took me a long time to reach that reckoning.

Story time...

So when I was a kid, growing up in Slough (possibly one of the most multicultural parts of town... I mean, our next door neighbours were Welsh folks and the old mum simply didn't do English and my school had maybe 10-15% white kids) Anyway, my bestie from nursery school onwards was a Sikh fellow. His folks had come over from India, I guess some time before his eldest sibling was born. Neither parent had much grasp of English but his dad took as one of his own. I spent a LOT of time at their house, often staying over, and they always had big cooks on. Pots and pots of all sorts, which might have been interesting... except the fact that at age curry reminded me of vomit (sorry) though of course, I never said so, settling for chapati's and such instead.

As an aside here, I should mention I was an odd kid. I hated, was even made physically ill by even just the sight of some things that are the norm for most folks... such as jam, porridge, custard, dried derivatives of grapes aso. I was even put off peanut butter and milk for years simply cos I witnessed either used in a gross way or... yeah, you get the point (still can't bear even the sight, scent or feel of jam without gagging and retching btw... for me it comes under the category of 'the devil's work') On the other hand, I was nuts about broccoli. Like I said, odd kid.

Fast forward a decade and half, and I had been in a LDR with an Indian girl who was studying in Canada, at UBC in Vancouver. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up getting married, as you do. Along that road, my mum mentioned that maybe it was time that I stop being a cissy and got used to curry... as y'know, that might just be on the menu a fair bit. Well, fair enough... it wasn't like I was unused to spicy food, being raised with quite a bit of variety by mum (who loves curries) So I tentatively tried some, a cheapy microwave meal... basic nondescript/unnamed prawn curry deal. Who'd have known that finishing that I went out that same day to buy more.
As it happened, not so very long after the girl and I were wed... in India too... so I actually got an early intro to the real deal curry wise, with a live traditional band playing and paan etc.

And so to now. Indian wife has been ex wife (thank the Gods) for 15 years but I could still happily eat curry at least half the meals of the week. Could even drink some of the sauces as a beverage. The top one for me though... Dansak. Not Indian or subcontinental per se but a perfect blend of my next favourites in one.