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Difference between these motherboards?


Biblical Poster
Hi I was looking at whether to get the P8Z68-V or the P8Z68-V PRO, can anyone notice any benefits to the pro version, I looked through and the non-pro version has all the features i want such as GPU Boost, GPU switch, Bluetooth, SSD caching etc

the only things are to do with Firewire (not required), Sound card (have dedicated sound card) and 2 extra 6 gb/s ports, which i most likely wont need

so can anyone tell me any other differences that are major that I havent noticed?


Biblical Poster
well it doesnt mean just USB 3.0 because thats in there.. I'm assuming its a 5.25" slot for the front that has USB 3.0


I think its an expansion from the headers on the board to give you two more in an expansion bay on the back. But I may be wrong.