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Well its still crashing and i'm thnking about returing the laptop to PCS to get it looked at, i'm in safe mode now with the hard drive plugged in (it crashed the pc in normal window mode after 5 min, any hard drive I plug in via USB freezes the pc) I also suffered 3 freezes yesterday with no hard drive plugged in. I've now re-installed windows but like I said above it crashed a few mins ago so now in safe mode, so i'm waiting to see if it crashes again.

Just out of interest, how much would it cost to get the Laptop looked at if I was to send it back to you guys?


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If you're still under warranty, nothing, if youre still under warranty but didnt chose silver warranty, it is likely your free pick up and deliver object has run out in which case - cost of postage. If neither, then, you will be quoted I suspect by PCS. Ring them up on 0844 499 4000 tomorrow. :)