Faulty monitor?


I really dont want to complain as i love the people here and pcs but you gotta do what you gotta do. Recieved my computer yesterday and since my room is being refurbished i didnt have the chance to turn it on,but i did a visual check on all the items. Eveyrhting was fine bar the monitor. The monitor was in a really bad state for a monitor that is new. The front panel and back panel hasnt stuck together at one of the top corners and also the peelable plastic has melted into the edges between the front and back panel on some places and also has stuck to the glossy bit. I dont know if the monitor was placed next to heat while the warranty sticker was being put on..but i am a bit worried. I never expected the monitor to be this cheap and would like to know if i can get a refund on just the monitor or pay £30 more and get the illyama 22inch. I really dont know what my options are atm. And all this before i havent even turned the monitor on. Hopefully i get a quick reply.

Thanks Shibin


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Hey Shibin, sounds faulty to me. As far as monitors go we just box shift, we dont open them up at any point. Any sign of damage to the box?

Thats just my curiosity talking, the way to get this resolved is to call 0844 499 4000 who will be closing for the day very soon and discuss the options.


Ill call them up tomorrow,box is fine.....am usuing the monitor atm since i have no other monitor. So what about paying more for a better monitor?

Thanks for a quick reply..