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Fav song ever


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What is the song (if any) you could listen to once a day forever without getting bored of it???


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Can't say I have a favourite song ever, but in terms of songs that I could listen to again and again, one that springs to mind is Hook by Blues Traveller :)



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I have many :)
I am only 18 so no hate but I discovered this song from 300 Rise of an Empire movie a couple months back. It was heavily remixed and I loved it, so decided to give some of their music a try and wasn't disappointed :D


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Hard to say what my favourite song is, I change week to week but I suppose probably these two.

[video=youtube;QBhpJC0nO7g]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBhpJC0nO7g[/video] (I can't find a non-live copy)



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The Killers: Everything Will Be Alright

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