GPU upgrade advice


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I must admit i am more used to dishing out advice on this forum than asking for it but i hope someone can help me out a little with regards to my choice in GPU. Over the last 6-8 months i have had just about 0 time for anything to do with my computer, keeping up with the latest releases or even posting on forums advising people how to spend their hard earned money!

To cut a long story short all the sacrafice seems to have been worth it and i am in the market for a decent mid ranged GPU. I bailed on keeping up with the latest releases just about the launce of the 7xxx series and nothing from the 6xx series had been launced so i am looking to you guys to point me in the right direction.

I have had a quick look at the various offerings from AMD and Nvidia - benchmarks and roughly reading through some reviews, however without a bit more time to read through in detail(i wont have much of that until the end of the month at which point i want my GPU in my posession ready to fit:D) i wont be able to pick through the detail and get the best card.

I am looking at advice on these cards.

GTX 660
GTX 660ti

I'm fairly sure i wont be getting the 7850 because i want this to be the last GPU i buy for this machine and the 7850 is probably a little under powered. The rest i have no idea.

How does the 660 looks vs the 7870 as PCS have a fairly small price gap with a jump to the 660ti/7950.

The money almost doesn't matter here im looking for value here i am not a hardcore gamer (hell i have been surviving on integrated and a crummy GPU for just about 2 years now) if it's worth the step up in money to the higher cards i will pay it but again i'm not sure if Nvidia or AMD are winning the battles at which price point.

So yeah fire away, all advice is appreciated.