Hi Guys.


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Hey all, basically just wondering on sum feedback on this current rig ive just bought to seewhat your views are for it to be a gaming rig ie Final fantasy 14 etc etc.

Amd Phenom x4 3.2g black edition

6gig DDR2 800mhz ram

Gtx 260 GFX card.

650w power supply.

Any hints tips upgrades etc would be much appreciated.



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Yea i ran it,

From what ive heard though its not optimized (really dont know much about things like this) but from what ive heard it was to ignore the score.

I got 3500 IIRC running it on low settings, but i cant actually run it on high as i have a widescreen monitor and with the benchmark not filling the screen i cant see my score on high.


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If it ran smooth then i would guess your in the clear. Your right though its far from finished code.