network instability


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long no see PCS guys :p

haha just a quickie tbh, my dad has just got a new Laptop (running windows 7) but when he logs onto his home network it kicks his missis's laptop (running windows vista) off the network.. Would they have to set up a static ip address for both laptops? his old one (running xp) is fine and has no issues, unfortuntly he lives a little way away from me so i cant go down and physically see the network!



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Certainly sounds like an IP conflict.

Static IP addresses would be my choice of solution. I give all the PCs, laptops and a couple of of configurable devices at home static addresses in a range well removed from the router's automatic choice. I use 101, 102 etc - easy to remember. Remember to watch for thing like powerline adaptors (those devices that use the electric mains to transfer ethernet around the house) as each plug also has an IP Address - it's possible that the conflict is there - even so, setting static addresses on the pc's will still cure the problem.

Depending on the router used, they may also have the option to set the "same address" for each user there instead.


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Yup sounds like either a duplicate IP address or network name. Make sure they are different on each device, if you have DHCP enabled on the router then this should not be a problem.

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haha cheers guys i told his gf's son to set a static IP address on each one (luckily he knew what he was doing) as i live a good hour or more drives away.. so couldnt be bothered driving down there haha its now sorted.. but cheers for the feedback as i thought this was the case.

N Hi Sexy Gorman :) haha