P.C Startup issue.


I received my new P.C about 4 weeks ago from PCS, no issues whatsoever, runs like a kitten.

However, I have had a problem from time to time, every now and then whenever I start up the P.C, it goes through the startup sequence, Windows 7 loading etc....

Then the screen goes black, all I can see is my arrow, it's not lag or anything. The arrow runs smoothly but when I hit the black screen I can't do anything else, I have to shut down the P.C again, sometimes twice in a row.

Has anyone had similar problems?


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Have a look in event viewer it may give you a clue to the problem.
Go to control panel(All control panel items)/performance information and tools/click advanced tools on the left hand side/view performance details in event log.
this will take you to boot and shutdown events.
If this points you to the problem go to"system configuration"
Click Start, and then type msconfig in the Search box.
Click msconfig in the search results.
on the general tab select"selective startup"
on the startup tab untick the item causing the problem.
the problem may be on the services tab,before you untick anything in this
tick "hide all microsoft services"on the bottom left.


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Does sound like a software issue, perhaps something that hasn't loaded properly and is causing windows to stall. Advice above is good, find out what failed and try to stop it starting with windows. Intermittent problems are very annoying though as they're much harder to diagnose.