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Poor PCS support!


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I'm posting this here in the vague hope that someone from PCS will see it and step in.

3 weeks ago I sent a desktop back to PCS for repair: Forum Query Here
The only communication I've had from them is "RMA Received" on 7th July.
I called the support number on the 22nd July for an update and to see what was going on.
I was on hold for just over 2 HOURS! When I did eventually get to speak to someone, I was told, "Good news! Your PC is on the bench being tested. You should receive an email later today, or, at the latest, tomorrow with an update".
So far, I've not heard a peep!
I check "Track your Returns" almost daily... Nothing!
I'm very reluctant to call and spend another 2 hours on hold. And emailing is probably going to be a slow process.
I've bought 3 computers from PCS over the years - all 3 have had problems, with 2 of them having to be returned!
I'm not happy!!


PCS don't routinely monitor these forums...occasionally someone will pop by when their usual job allows.

So sorry that you are having this aggravation and trouble. Have you tried using the Live Chat? You will find the widget appears in the bottom right of the page on the Support page. Beyond that, any chance a mod could escalate this please? @SpyderTracks @Scott @ubuysa