processor query


Hi all

When choosing a processor on the building page, I notice the Core i3-540 shows cache 4MB and socket 1156 compared to the i3-560 showing cache 4MBL2 and socket LGA1156.

Can anyone tell me the difference and what this means or is it all just one and the same? The i3-540 is the only one different to the other i3 and i5's in the help description.

Sorry if silly question but am a novice as you can prob tell.


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Not a silly question, both are the same although the description is slightly different.

Socket full name LGA1156, lazy name 1156
Cache full name 4MB layer 2, lazy name 4MB or 4MBL2

Its just how the product has been input is all.


There is no difference between the two, just the details for i3-540 were not written in the same format as the others when the product was uploaded. This has now been changed to fit in with the others :)


Thanks Gorman and Meds for your replies. I had ordered the i3-540 and was worried it was lacking something the others had, so that's cleared up for me.
Mine is awaiting despatch now, so not long to go.
By the way this forum is great. Have learnt lots of stuff from reading the posts. Thanks again.