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Samsung LC49RG90SSUXEN 49" Back in stock


Also i would avoid updating the drivers to 457.09 for now >


This update goes back to the black screen problem. Strange for Nvidia to do this when they had working driver for 456.98
lets hope nvidia address this with their next driver update

But yes stick with 456.98 for now.


Hey @steaky360 how is it going?

Their is a new update for the samsung g9 monitor 1008.1 and this now takes away all the problems for the 240z black screen... when updating everything works perfect and i can now install my nvidia drivers with ease.

I am having zero issues now

This is from samsung website but not for the uk just yet.

Note.. their is some korean but don't worrie about the language barrier this will auto save the dng file to desktop

Just add the file to usb and plug into services and install.

I have it installed

I do not need to use hotfix driver now :)

Also the response for everything is much faster.. those flickers i would get at 240hz in games have gone and
just makes the monitor run like it was suppose to


@Jamie85 Does it solve the issue of it being such a big screen that it takes 6 hours to move the mouse from one side to the other? ;)
Thats not a bug, that's a feature!

Hey @steaky360 how is it going?


So I did get it working previously with the hotfix drivers but as @SpyderTracks has mentioned previously about max pixel push power it caused an issue with my second monitor so didn't really look into it too much more after that.

Will get the updates installed at some point this week and give it a go! Nice to hear it all seems to be working now!