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This is pretty cool.

Mike Koglin is a pretty famous German producer, he's been clearing out some of his old duplicates.

This is a promo whitelabel (Mint) of Time (2004) which he partnered with UTO on, there are no entries on discogs as yet, he had 4 of these which went seconds after he listed them, so I was very lucky to get one, seems these may be the only ones in existence.

And he's been very kind and signed it too!


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A few today.

Top left to bottom to right

Argi - Tataki
Solarstone - Pure Trance Volume 10
Bossanova - Stonecold
Moguai for Sensation - I want, I Need, I Love... a 2006 anthem from Sensation who were the biggest travelling club night at the time

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And a couple more through from Vinyl Me Please

Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson

Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You

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New Producer I've just been made aware of due to a new album pre order that's just gone live, so thought would collect some of their back catalogue

Zhu - Come In For the Low (2020)

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This is really nerdy cool

This is quite a limited edition 7" single they did of just 2 tracks from Final Space season 1, it's not the music by the soundtrack composer Andrew Goodwin which is the stuff I'm HUGELY after, but there's so little merchandise on final space, this is the only music they released for the series (on vinyl)

But I'll take it, it's a nice one for the collection.

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Couple of new compilations on one of the great grandfathers of Drum 'N Bass

Fabio - Generation Liquid Volume 1 & 2

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Sultan & Shepherd - Endless Dawn

Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul, this is a Craft OneStep, they call them "Small Batch", not had one of these before, they're their one step process similar to a MoFi UD1S or Analogue Productions UHQR, but substantially cheaper! They only made 3000 of them I believe, so feel quite lucky to have gotten one. I absolutely adore this album, and really nice to have it on a high quality AAA cut.

Both of these were pre orders shipped from the US on 29th, I had no idea there was shipping that fast from the states!

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A really important one today.

The original 1999 5 x 10" box set of Leftfield - Rhythm and Stealth, STILL SEALED, and at a bargain price from a really kind seller from the USA. This set was Limited Edition on release, I don't know how many they pressed but it wouldn't have been a huge number as vinyl production was really wrapping up by then. They had this XL compilation box set still sealed for the original cost value, so I grabbed it as well. It's got a lot of classic tracks on there.

The guy was getting rid of his collection, he's about my age and we have very similar tastes, but he collected rather than enjoyed, so a lot of his stuff is still sealed. But he's not overpricing things like most people do, so even though the Leftfield box is still sealed (which would normally be double the value of a NM copy), I paid under what you'd normally pay for a NM copy that had been played.

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A guilty pleasure one, but I really like this track!
Tatu - 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane

Just for "All The Things She Said". There is only really one vinyl copy of the single, which is a Russian promo copy, all the official releases didn't have the original track on it, only remixes that weren't very good. If you want the Russian Promo in good condition, that's about £150! It was later banned in Russia

And this album wasn't pressed on vinyl until 2021 when they did a limited edition copy for Record Store day in Coke Bottle Green, but even that will set you back £90 now for a sealed copy.

This one I personally far prefer the vinyl colour anyway, plus it's on 45rpm on 2 records, so should be a far superior press. These were released at the end of last year but are already becoming hard to find below £50. I only just heard about it and was lucky with the German shop.

But t.A.T.u had a lot of controversy around them which I won't go into on here, but you can read below if you're interested. I always admired them, their attitude was VERY unRussian, weather they were or not didn't matter, they really upset the status quo in Russia and over here and paved the way for people to be themselves, and for that I admire them. There were some horrible things said later in interviews, but knowing how these 2 are publicly standing up against real danger now, I don’t believe those things were their own beliefs. I don’t think any of us can understand the pressure public figures face over there to be made to be seen towing the line.

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what a wonderful vinyl
how does it song ?
I have a feeling that Norah has some input into the vinyl releases for her albums, reason being is that Blue Note have a certain standard, and almost all of their vinyl meets those criteria, which is standard old style covers, and black vinyl (a lot of the older collectors run a mile from coloured vinyl as back in the 90's and earlier, it really badly affected sound quality). Since certainly 2010's onwards, coloured vinyl formula steadily improved, and really it was down to Vinyl Me Please in the US paying a lot of attention to it that they brought it up to par with black vinyl having a very low noise floor.

But Norah's albums always come in colour options, plus her 20th anniversary box set of Come Away With Me was very unusual for a Blue Note release as it was in the book style format which as far as I'm aware is the only Blue Note record done like that.

But then again, out of their current artists on the label, I'm fairly certain she would be the biggest, so she probably has a lot more weight than others.

I love Norah!

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Looks like Spydernomics is the new inflation metric...

The weird thing is that a huge percentage of people either are building a collection before they can afford a decent setup, but plan to invest in a good setup further down the line - I was one of these, started collecting records in 2000 but didn't actually have a system until 2017. I don't at all look down on people doing it this way, when you're younger, you're moving far more frequently and having heavy and expensive equipment to cart around from place to place just isn't practical, aside from not having the money in the first place for decent equipment.

But unfortunately, there's a growing community of people who buy them purely as an investment, who don't care about the music, and have no intention of playing them ever, they keep them sealed for decades and then sell them when they've become more rare. This I don't like so much. I have no problem with people collecting highly valuable items and preserving them and not playing them, that's different, but just buying out records and storing them means less for others and artificially drives up prices.

There are also the scourge of the vinyl community, Flippers, who will use AI tools to bombard limited sales, buy up all the stocks and then immediately flip them on eBay and Discogs for 10 times their value because legitimate sales have all gone. As far as I'm concerned, this should be heavily sanctioned by law.



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One I pre ordered back in September and has faced a few delays, but finally here, Lange's - Retrospect Volume VII, can't wait for this

And a promo copy, supposed to be Mint old stock, Shaft (aka Skeewiff) - Mucho Mambo

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Don't like flippers in any community...and will actively avoid any price-gouging...be it concert tickets, GPUs or 'poseable figures'!
There are laws starting to hit to control this, although at the moment, purely orientated at concert ticket sales and in the US, but I think it will spread to any kind of flipping.

But touting should have been illegal from the very start, it's downright price manipulation, in any other form of business that's illegal, should be no different in the private sector