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Vortex IX first look


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would anyone be so kind to post a hwinfo trace of 5 minutes of prime95 blend test? :)

also, what is the minimum discharge rate you get on this laptop when it's on battery, idle, on powersaving profile?


Don't use it on battery FAENIL so I'll leave that to someone else.

After spending hours with the MSI curve editor, I think I've found the optimum curve for the 2070RTX. Memory is set to +300MHz. This elimates all power limit throttling in games but still gets the odd minor flicker of it during 3DMark. 3DMark isn't a realistic load so I'm not concerened by it.

Compare link (Discrete mode but with G Sync off BTW): www.3dmark.com/fs/20397615

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Great review!

I've got to say i am surprised you are getting such a large undervolt to run stable.
I have the same processor in my vortex and i cannot get to to run above -135mV!


Likewise, for reference my laptop crashes at -150mv so i've kept it at -130mv. But potentially increasing the undervolt on the cores could be a good idea. For now my laptop is running very cool since underbolting. I've played League and it runs at roughly 60-65 degrees and then Borderlands 2 between 70-75 maxed out. Using a cooling pad too, but still very reasonable temperatures as before undervolting I was hitting high 80s during Borderlands.