Vote for PC Specialist in the PC Advisor Awards 2013!


The voting has now opened for the PC Advisor Awards 2013! Be sure to take the time and vote for your favourite desktop PC & laptop manufacturer :p

No shiny images to lure you in this time :(

Thanks in advance for anybody who takes the time out to vote - much love!



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Is it that time of year again?! FU TIME! STOP GOING SO FAST!

Anyways, done and done :)

(Shameless self promotion Meds...the good kind :) )


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I had an email through from PCS this morning regarding the awards, it asked me to write a review about my experiences with PCS and I would get a free 8GB USB drive for doing so. I'd happily write a deserved positive review, but when I followed the link in the email it just took me to the voting page so I'm not sure where this review needs to be written.

EDIT: I'm presuming it meant a testimonial on the PCS website. Done.
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