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I recently started a little web designing, although I've done a bit before in Dreamweaver the person that has asked me to do some work with them is using a different tool so Im kind of learning that along with other things. The website im developing is going to be based around Gaming (predominantly PC as thats what I play) and other things such as Technologies etc. At the moment its in its infant stage but it has a few test pages, a poll and a forum.

Long term I would like it to be a pretty vibrant site with lots of users and contributors. I havnt really looked at the website login so I would ask for you not to use that until I have however forum registration should be working just fine. Basically I am asking if anyone would be interested in checking it out, getting some forum stuff going (I need to set them up properly, suggested topics welcome) and eventually if possible I would like some of you to contribute to the site (not just forum but on the site itself, all work will be credited to the author) be it through reviews or just general stuff like games to look out for etc. This is probably few weeks/months off yet but I would like it.

I am in by no means trying to take activity away from the PCS forums, on the contrary I would gladly place a link to your forums/website on my page(s) as I think the service you supply is outstanding in a world full of money grabbers. I recently recommended a friend who bought one but while on the phone to you he was talked down in price and told certain components were not worth the price for what he wanted... Restores faith in humanity to be honest...

Anyway, website is as I say limited functionality at the moment and a fair few 'test' things but any feedback + suggestions welcome either via PM on this forum, my forum or reply to this post.

apologise if this breaches forum rules at some point as im technically advertising :eek:



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I support Riley's statement... To be honest with you, if you want a decent, usable & unique site to attract users then you must build it from the ground up in my opinion aka get rid of the horrid CMS. If you like I can offer you my PHP and SQL skills.. lol
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I would recommend installing VBulletin or Wordpress or something else that fits your needs then theming it how you want it.


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well i currently don't have a choice on the CMS etc, I've been given the domain and hosting free and have to work using it but thanks for the suggestions :)


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If you got some cash than try
Its what I'm with its cheep runs on linux and has plenty to play with.
I've been with this host now for 4 years.

I've got 2 mysql database
php cgi support.
i've also have a control panel which lets me have full control of my site.

I should work on my site got this wonderful design for a post section.
Done the data flow chart and everything.

but I can't seem to find the right mood to go and code all this, even using OOP.

When I first started web designing I figured it out my self by cutting and pasting source code in to a notepad.
As I started to get use to HTML I was able todesign interire website using notepad.

But I use dreamweaver now, its faster and allows for visual and coding design so I can tweak the codes and see how it should look as I'm writing it.
Plus with all the colour coding of the HTML Tags and the php codes.
It relay dose make my life a lot easer when spotting problem with spelling mistakes.
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There are many decent free hosts out there, you really shouldn't accept hosting unless you get a control panel..


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Sorry if i've irritated you, I am merely stating that CMS' tend to lack functionality and deter users. =]


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I like the site Sweeney, i have made many similar ones myself for old guilds etc. What CMS is that? are you tied to that particular CMS?

I always found wordpress as a landing page / news section with links into the registered phpbb forum to be quite good and easy to maintain / update.


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yeah im tied to that CMS at the moment, its called Joomla and you'd be suprised how many sites use it. At the moment its running on a template which I've hacked to pieces but im in the process of programming my own template. Never programmed from scratch before so its a bit hit and miss, if you load it and things are all over the place and multicoloured it means im testing my code, I default it back to the edited template when im not working on it though :D