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And mine: - score 11200.

Okay, by looks of things I'll be kept out the top ten, but I'm close and whilst I wanted to be able to run todays (and "tomororws" games at a decent speed), I'm not too fussed (plus I could add an extra Geforce 980 if necessary or overclock): upgrading the CPU may be a littler pricer: but we'll see in a few years.


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Just got our new Vortex IV today. A huge thank you to Matthew for all his help and everyone else at PCS who got this out to us so fast knowing the critical time pressure we are under. Here is the out of the box Firestrike (windows updates installed only), browser was open and a couple of other windows but no significant load aside from the benchmark.

Vortex IV / 980m / 4940mx / 2 x Samsung 1Tb SSD /16Gb Hyper-X RAM

Very nice out of the box benchmark for a laptop with a single graphics card and a hugely worthwhile performance hike over our other Vortex IV which is a 4710mq / 870m

(looks like it makes the leader board for now if someone wants to do the honours)


Here are all my revised scores:

17341 with AMD Radeon R9 290X(2x) and Intel Core i7-3770K Processor
Graphics Score 24633
Physics Score 12608
Combined Score 6527

12550 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780(2x) and Intel Core i5-4670K
Graphics Score 19009
Physics Score 6682
Combined Score 5626


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Received my Vortex IV SE today and just ran 3DMark on the temporary Windows that's installed by PC Specialist until I get a chance to re-install my own OS tomorrow so I'll see if there's any driver updates and if they make any difference .

Fire Strike score = 8184 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 8Gb and Intel Core i7-4810MQ Processor @ 2.8Ghz


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Now that my GTX 970's have been replaced with my GTX 980's thought i would re test it

Getting the following

15980 -

2 x EVGA GTX 980 Superclocked with ACR Cooler 2.0

Note sure if those scores are low or not yet. Guess i might need to play around. I'm noticing an improvement in stability in game.



Score of: 23985

RAM reported wrong its actually 3000mhz DDR4, guess its not in their db yet.

Small OC to new computer. Cost a bomb so id expect it to top the leader boards. Will be doing higher stress tests later, once ive had it for longer than a week ;). Dont want to go wrecking it in under a week haha. Will aim to stretch the score, but i will be conservative and improve the OC/score slowly to make sure i dont do any damage.


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Do you know what your cards get individually?

I'm running 2 GTX 980's and only getting about 15k. I only have an I5 though so that might make a difference i guess

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Here are my results for my Vortex IV 17" Elite laptop specs below:

Fire strike: 13062
Sky Diver: 29008
Cloud Gate:25510
Ice Storm: 149054

LAPTOP: Vortex IV 17" Elite, i7 4910MQ 2.9GHZ, 2x NVIDIA GTX 980m 8Gb, 16Gb Kingston Hyper-X Impact 1600mHz, 1TB Samsung Evo, 2tb Serial ATA, RAT 3 Mouse, Zalman ZM-NC11 Ultra-Quiet Laptop Cooler
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Yeah just seems like a big jump between 23985 and 15K for the inclusion of a single GTX 980.

Maybe the i7 has the bigger impact on the score.