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Yeah thats a fair beat of a machine, lot of RAM, 8 core CPU, it would be hard to compare.

Im sure i was getting the same score with Dual GTX970's though, its frustrating.


Do you know what your cards get individually?

I'm running 2 GTX 980's and only getting about 15k. I only have an I5 though so that might make a difference i guess

With 1 running i got 16.3k. Processor makes alot of difference. I managed to get 25.7k on a rerun.
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I think the processor does some of the physics processing (note this isn't PhysX haha) so I think it might be - he also had a slight OC apparently... and its not just 'any' i7.

Had a 7% oc i believe. Just a default setting from asus motherboard. I can't actually get it any Lower when it's In performance mode. The Rampage V helps the score aswell as i have a 16x channel with two on 8x, also the efficiency is awesome. Fans hardly ever run during gaming on things like Counter Strike as the airflow is great. Temps stay around 45-50 on gpus and 34 on cpu, i have the airflow 540 case, with watercooling cpu with h110i. Im pretty impressed with the wiring, its super neat, although fans where connected through the OC panel with meant no control the bios but that's not the end of the world.

The smallest things help as a slight bottle neck will stop other components performing at there peak. The GPU's are probably limited by my CPU a tad but when you have 8 cores you cant really complain. Im sure in a few months the new gen will arrive and peoples pcs will tower over mine its always the way.
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Just replaced the stock fans with Noctua NF-F12 & NF-A14 industrialPPC-3000 PWM. With two AF-14 fans combined together on intake closest to 3 way SLI, to achive the most static pressure. I was concerned about the noise levels however as they are designed to be run at extreme speeds the noise level not under load is silent which is a bonus for when im working.

However the main good news is that it has prevented my GPU's from throttling as the airflow is insane. I'm now not even close to throttle levels and temps with the same performance levels. So much so that my fire strike score is now close to getting into the top 100 all time. And now 50th in 3x sli.

The score is now at 27315 -


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Withougt the sli bridge i dont get the option to sli, didnt think you could sli across the pcie lanes, games are running in surround so I know theyre sli'ng properly. I dont know about being downclocked.