Can you reheat frozen mince meat ???

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Or more to the point can you reheat frozen mince meat that you've previously cooked around 3 to 5 months ago... tbh i have no idea how long its been in the fridge but i'm just wondering, since im eating it at the moment, if i'd get sick... then again i've got a pretty good immune system.

its just i was tryna be nice and make dinner but she wont eat it :'(

more for me i guess :)
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Yep will be fine mate so long as it's been frozen all that time. Just make sure you defrost it properly, I normally just leave it out for 12-24hrs before I want it then just microwave it until piping hot throughout.


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even if it crawls out of the container its fine just make sure its black when it comes out of the cooker.

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I wouldn't eat it lol
I'm sure most meat products have notices on them saying something like "eat within x days of freezing."


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Its more the "cooked it then froze it" that bothers me.

Buy a pack of mince, stick it in the freezer, eat it 10 years later, fine.

Cook said mince, freeze it, eat it any time later...sketchy ground.

And to reiterate, please, no pics of either the mince or the ensuing mess you make from eating it! :D