Christmas is just around the corner...PLEASE READ if ordering


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I know - a bit early, but Halloween is nearly upon us and usually on the day after comes the dreaded thought, for some, that Christmas is next and its about time you got around to ordering those presents for the kids...yes that new PC that you have promising them for months may finally make an appearance under the tree this some important things to note:

Firstly get some early advice. Post your request on here and let the helpful bunch on the forum help you set the spec for your budget and give you advice on what will be best for your requirements.

Read this post:

then log into the forum and be as detailed as you can about your budget, your current monitor (or ask for advice on one again stating budget), and what the PC will be used for - gaming, photography processing, databases, 3d Art, moviemaking - so many things and so many uses, the helpful group here cannot read your mind so let them know - the more the better they can refine your PC spec.

If you are happy to spec up a PC yourself in the configurator then go ahead, get an idea but still post your spec on here for advice, have a read here on how to give us your spec (and the URL link):

There are now quite a few PCS machines available through retailers - for example: Currys and There is nothing wrong with those, but sometimes the helpful forum members might be able to advise a slightly better spec / balanced spec for the same budget. However, if you do buy from them then remember to REGISTER your PC with PCS - phone them up, get a log on for the site and then this gets your detailed spec available and also means you get the warranty all registered should you ever need it. This will come in handy for when you do need to ask for advice on the forum for any niggly issues you may have as you will be asked to post your spec.

As soon as your PC arrives do not wrap it up immediately and put it in the cupboard until Christmas Day - get it out, check for any visible damage (unlikely as its so well wrapped up), check that parts have not moved etc/come loose and most important of all - PLUG IT IN AND TEST IT. This gives you time to get any issues sorted BEFORE the BIG day. If you just leave it until the day and find out it doesnt work, it will be a few days before you can call PCS or get any help (although a lot of the time, the helpful people here might be around).

The helpful people on the forum here are ALL volunteers and decide to spend their time to help you and ensure you get a good experience of PCS. Whilst the occassional PCS employee does pop in here, you will see the majority of the posts are from non employees and customers themselves that have stuck around (for years in some cases - lots of cobwebs around you might notice) and are really helpful in their advice provided. If you get asked to post your full spec instead of the bits you think are necessary - yes it happens, some people just post the first few lines - its because we want to know the full spec to be able to help work out what might be wrong. Dont just reply back with a snappy "YOU'VE GOT WHAT YOU NEED". If you are not respectful, then we will move on to the people that are and leave your problems for you to sort out.

If this is your first ever PC, remember you will need a keyboard and mouse and even a monitor maybe. Maybe a game controller, speakers, mousemat etc...dont just think you order the PC and it comes with all that - you need to remember to add it or if asking for advice - tell us you need these things so we can include it in your budget.

Remember - TEST TEST TEST - read point 3 again. DO NOT WAIT to the day to turn on your machine.

Most important of all, start thinking now about that Christmas present and get your advice early...
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Please also note the last day for orders: