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I would love to receive email notifications of if i got a reply for a thread or a post i did in the forum so i know that i have to reply instead of scanning through lots of them :p. Its just that in many other forums you have the option...anyway just my 0.0000002 cents :D


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*1 cent :D

I wonder if this is doable. May end up sending many many emails xD I guess its a feature we could turn on or off from CP


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Yeah, it could end up filling your inbox with an awful lot of mails, for instance if you reply in a really busy thread, you could get like 20 emails in a couple of hours.


No no you guys got the wrong idea, What would happen is as you reply to something and then your post gets replied would only get a notification for the next post after yours,which is technically a reply.So you know the thread has been updated. And yes i was also thinking of turning it off from forum settings or turning it on...just a thought though :D

I hope pcs reads this :p


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As this is a vbulletin forum, I'm sure it's possible somehow. Check your settings it might be a tick box somewhere.


I clicked settings at top and got Subscribed Threads with New Posts: (0) So i guess you have to subscribe to the thread and then get notifications in your forum inbox. I tried messing around with settings and for the life of me couldn't work out how to "subscribe" to a thread :p

edit: In your User CP, there is a section under Settings & Options named 'Edit Options'.

Messaging & Notification - options include:

* 'Receive Email' - whether or not you want to receive emails from other Members and administrators
* 'Default Thread Subscription Mode' - how you want to be notified about new posts in threads to which you have subscribed

Managed to turn on email notifications for replies and pm's...this stuff is good :D
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at the top of the thread look for a menu (on the right) that has "Thread Tools" in it. In that drop down menu you can subscribe to a thread. Then you get email notification every time someone replies.


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Best thing to do is subscribe to threads you are interested in, then on each visit check your subscribed threads, you can easily see which has new posts.