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Ok heres the thing, this Apple product..... actually works out to be quite good value.

I know.

Lets all let that sink in for a little moment.

So as an iPhone user i have had a spotify scrip for a long time, 9.99 a month for the priviledge of it working on a mobile device, thats not unique to iPhone.

Match comes in at £22 per year and lets me do the exact same thing pretty much.

So far, i am a fan.

Apple suck.


Theyre completely different though, correct me if I'm wrong, but spotify allows you to choose a song and listen to it, you dont have to own this song or have illegally downloaded it to listen to it, it just works by searching and clicking play. iTunes Match however requires you to own the song in the first place, you can then upload this song to the cloud (if song already exists on their servers they just link you to that instead) effectively just storing your itunes library online for you. If you search for a song you dont own though youd still have to buy it.

the cost of iTunes match is mainly for the cloud storage and i guess partly the match service itself, hence why it is so cheap, spotify and grooveshark memberships require you to pay more but this is to essentially pay for the licences for the songs you listen to.

EDIT: Also I just noticed your "Apple suck" bit at the bottom lol


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I wont correct you as you are not wrong, thats essentially the difference between them yes.


The way i use Spotify is quick and easy access to the music i like (and already own) on my iPhone and across several PC's without having to duplicate files and / or suffer the utter nightmare iTunes was before these cloud services were introduced.

So i have been essentially paying 9.99 per month to listen to my own music on my mobile. iPod function i hear the people in the back saying, sure could have done that but iTunes made it impractical, annoying and randomly wiped my device of music whenever it wanted but more annoyingly whenever i wouldnt notice and set off on a long journey to find i had no tunes.

So for me and anyone else who already has a copy of 99.9% of the music they like on any machine or assortment of 10 devices match is a brilliant direct replacement for Spotify.

P.s match does stream

Really apple suck. $ != £.

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Your lucky you have an iPhone that allows icloud and the rest of it. I have an iPhone 3G with a screwed up screen that can barely turn itself on. It was my dad's old one, he wrecks the things, he has a 4 and although I spend more time on my phone then him, still believes that I don't need a phone that can open settings in less than 10s.