Lockdown - What's Worth a Watch?


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So we have he horror thread etc for movies. But I thought I would just start a thread for general watching. What are people into right now? Just thinking that collectively we may come across some hidden gems from each other. Even the most obvious shows/movies to one person may be obscure to another.

So, at the moment. My recommendations are:

The Mandelorian - Anyone who knows Starwars is probably already watching this, but if you aren't.... get on it. Even non-starwars fans should check this out.
The Boys - This is possibly one of the best things ever made. It's such a great premise and so well written. Very funny throughout with a proper twisted sense of humour.
Cobra Kai - Shouldn't really need an introduction, if it does you probably won't like it. Karate Kid spin off that has a completely different angle showing how people as kids can have their destiny marked out by that time but not necessarily become the person they seemed set to be. Really good viewing regardless.
The Fall - Only recently started watching this. On Season 3 now, proper psychological thriller show this one. Goes into some depths and is quite gripping.
Humans - Anyone who loves Sci-Fi should watch this. It's fantastic. The lead girl is beyond perfection too. I swear I started watching this show when I saw her on the cover. So pretty!

I'm watching loads more but will leave it with the above for now.


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I’ve only had a TV for about a year after almost a decade without one. So I don’t actually watch much in the way of normal programming. Forgive me if my list is bizarre / behind the times 😁

The Mandalorian - I’m convinced this is the best thing from the Star Wars Universe bar none. Maybe the old TIE Fighter game and Knights of the Old Republic could come close, but it’s all the best bits of Star Wars crossed with all the best bits from old western movies.

Twin Peaks: The Return - I like to give Twin Peaks a rewatch once a year, it’s my favourite thing ever. But the 2017 series is just phenomenal. Episode eight... it’s not television, it’s abstract art caught on camera.

Gogglebox - When people told me about the premise of this show I couldn’t get my head round it. Watching people watching TV? No thanks. But my other half kept bugging me about it and I’ve actually been sucked in. These people watch all the rubbish TV so I don’t have to. And Giles and Mary are national treasures.

Outback Truckers - You can find this on the Quest freeview channel at 5pm weekdays. I watch this because I love playing Euro and American Truck Simulator, it’s an interesting insight into the trials and tribulations of actually driving a giant road train over difficult terrain and huge distances. And there’s an absolute moron on there who calls himself Turbo, I actively enjoy watching this man fail repeatedly. He never has a normal day.

Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing - I adore Vic and Bob, I love the Fast Show. So two of my favourite comedians combined was always going to be worth a watch. I have no interest in fishing whatsoever... but this show is the most zen, relaxing, joyous thing I’ve seen for years. It’s just so gentle and it is beautifully filmed.


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I've got a whole queue lined up but getting to it very slowly for one reason or another, I've just finished rewatching Frasier through from start to finish, but in no particular order:

1/. The Mandelorian
2/. The Boys
3/. Watchmen
4/. The Witcher

I'm generally watching Family Guy, American Dad and South Park as general entertainment, South Park did a Pandemic special which was very funny!


I've just watched the boys and totally agree with Scott, it's amazing
Just finished watching Alex Rider (he's a teenager james bond)
Working my way through all 6 seasons of Bosch at the moment with just 3 episodes of season 5 and all of season 6 to go
Think Hannah is going to my next teatime watch


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Good call on the Witcher too, I think season 2 is coming soon. I quite enjoyed it but felt that it was only just getting started when it finished. Excellent cinematography and scenery in it.

I seen Alex Rider but haven't watched it. Is it childish or is it definitely adult orientated? This is long winded but I'll give my reason for asking....

Years ago I watched the first episode of Lucifer and I was absolutely blown away. Clearly the public were as well as it went from basically unknown to overnight prime-time. With that came the PG13 re-write that took an edge away from the show for me. It was dirty, sexy and dark in the beginning and it went to an almost romcom. I still thoroughly enjoyed the show but I think it could have been so much more.

One show which didn't move it's moral compass (at least over the season I watched) was Daredevil. This is a seriously dark show that never changed over the course of my viewing. Really dark, anti-hero style to it that has themes throughout that don't deviate. I recommend watching it if you haven't, or at least giving it a go. I keep meaning to go back and watch the last season, along with checking out the Punisher.


Hard to describe actually where Alex Rider sits, possibly in the mid ground, I watched it early evening while having my tea, apparently they are making a second season, so be interesting to see how that goes

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I've got to a stage where I don't watch 'normal' TV anymore, my life is just full of watching boxsets.

You can't go wrong with the classics like:

- Game of Thrones
- Stranger Things
- Breaking Bad
- Prison Break
- Sons of Anarchy
- Money Heist
- Ozark

But there are some really good ones that are perhaps lesser known, especially on Netflix:

- Locke and Key
- Chernobyl
- The Haunting of Hill House
- Sex Education
- The End of the F****** World
- Unorthodox
- Schitt's Creek
- Unbelievable

The list really is endless. My personal favourite was Sons of Anarchy. That really hit differently than anything else I've watched. It's dark and it's violent, but not in a way that is overdone and, despite of everything you see on screen, you still lend up feeling compassion for each character for different reasons. In my mind, it's a masterpiece.

Honourable mentions to Breaking Bad and Prison Break, the latter of which genuinely had me sobbing like a baby when I first watched it. And no, my Mrs doesn't let me forget it! :ROFLMAO:


I was on the phone to sky yesterday about my broadband, and the lass said you know you can have netflix and pay £3 less a month than you are paying now, my responce was I've got amazon prime as well as my sky subscription and don't know what to watch as so much choice, so we'll skip the netflix 🤣

Prison break was superb


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I was on the phone to sky yesterday about my broadband, and the lass said you know you can have netflix and pay £3 less a month than you are paying now, my responce was I've got amazon prime as well as my sky subscription and don't know what to watch as so much choice, so we'll skip the netflix 🤣

Prison break was superb

I would have only heard the words "pay £ 3 less a month" and said yes....then had a meltdown about what channel to watch.


Here are my recommendations:
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All Of The Following Are Top Shows IMO... If anyone has any suggestions about similar shows to some of my Favs it would be much appreciated....

True Blood
The Originals(Vampire Diary spin off best watch VD first)
Black List
Ray Donovan
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I watched upload, I really enjoyed it. In a similar style I quite enjoyed The Good Place :D


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I wonder if they're somehow able to tap into that comment and there will be a virtual flame war starting on google or something.
I did see a post early this morning and thought that the style of writing looked similar... please god don't let it be true...

Hopefully it's just my imagination playing tricks...