Rig delivery.


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Hi pc specs.

I have ordered my rig (number: 350704) and today state changer from pre-production to in build. I assume that my pc is gonna be delivered around 12.09. Is it possible that delivery guys could deliver my order after 3:00 pm so that I could be sure that at the time Ill be home ?


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Unfortunately we cannot deliver after 3pm - our next day service allows for delivery bweteen 7am and 6pm, although usually they turn up between 9am and 12pm.

Also - we cannot guarantee any delivery dates, please keep an eye on your emails for order status updates.


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Would be a pitty if they would show up while im at work... :/ Thanks for info. :)

If they do you will be left a card and they will try again the next day, if they leave you the card you have the option of collecting it from the depo by arrangement with DHL, dont know how practical that may be for you.


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Or you can try to phone up your local deport, mine being Poole and Southampton, and plee with the drivers, as most have returns/RMAs to pick up in the afternoon, they may well offer to do your drop off in the afternoon for you on the return journey to depot, if you ask nicely ;) Never know.