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To be fair I know for a fact some LARGE companies (with dedicated staff that just work on forums) don't give time scales on replying to posts due to the nature of forums and the ability to read/post on them 24/7. For time sensative queries I would always phone is poss and use email as a secondary attempt.

There is a section in the rules about this (see Faq), due to the nature of the forums you would always be better off using the official channels as its guaranteed someone will see it as soon as possible, especially the email via the website.

i phoned on friday and paul told me to post to remind him. but its a whole weekend to go i dont blame him for forgetting about some guys graphics card xD i probably would to!

We do. We have a small room with no windows for people who forget about customers!

Touching on the comment in another thread (the ref to videos)
again I know one Large company that uses a forum team - they also do youtube videos and other media updates (ie twitter) - hence even when the forum is quiet they always have work to do.
But 12 days is too early to make those kinds of choices - You may want to setup some system to track which orders are generated from your forum tho - I.e a section on the order page where you can include your forum name (if its not already there) - That way you could do some analysis on how many new members place orders etc - just an idea :)

A good one too.

Very Well said. And very true. Honestly, you guys are doing a great job as it is. It can only get better aye!

I just abandoned my usual forum haunts and troll this one instead :p