Who's Your Team?


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not a football fan, but when asked i always say leeds. football always seems to dissapoint me (probably because the only football i ever watch are leeds matches and the world cup)


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liverpool fc :D

Please don't take offence but when the might blues beat Wolves this weekend did you hear the chant.

'you're going down with the scousers'
Had to laugh.
Seems the red side of liverpool has a bunch of players with no heart at the moment.


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I hate football, it's over-rated the players are way overpaid and they are all pussy's who cry when they fall over.
There is nothing worse than seeing a full grown man faking an injury or at best actually crying because they hurt themselves, it's embarrassing.
I would love to stick a few of them in the octagon and see what happens.

And for your next fight David beckham vs chuck Liddell. Now that would be worth watching lol.



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Lol, yer both on the same night, I would actually pay to see it live, it would be the best card ever.


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Newcastle! :D Home club faithful! but i do generally hope Leeds and Port vale do well when they play.


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The mighty blues Chesea FC for me and no I didn't become a fan when we started winning stuff, I remember the days backs in the old division 2 and our stadium used to have cars parked below the terraces lol


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Newcastle! :D Home club faithful!

<---- Fully paid up member of the Toon Army! (aside from seeing a few home matches, I have never actually paid to be a memeber of said elite fighting force, but you get the idea :D )