Who's Your Team?


i'm a jambo (hearts fan) and was happy with the pre-season signings but now not so happy with Mr C Thomson!


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Carlisle United :) Get into League on you pansies!! (lol /sarcasm)

But Carlisle do just batter Man U in comparison..


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well.........erm.......someones got too? Cant complain that most the home games are as cheap as taking the missus to the cinema aswell! :)


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User user = new User(you);
if( user.likes(SportType.FOOTBALL))
System.out.println(user.getName() + " needs to watch a proper sport");


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Official PCS Football Fan Table

Newcastle United 6
Liverpool 6
Huddersfield Town 4 (Stewards enquiry ongoing. PCS suspected of stat fixing!)
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Chelsea 3
Everton 3
Manchester Utd 3
Hearts 2
Leeds Utd 2
Port Vale 2
Rangers 2
Blackburn Rovers 1
Bolton Wanderers 1
Bristol Rovers 1
Carlisle Utd 1
Derby County 1
Leicester City 1
Millwall 1
Reading 1
West Ham Utd 1


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Baltimore Ravens. Can't stand football since there's too many pansies and actors playing it. The NHS should intruduce yellow and red cards to doctors, it might even cure cancer by the research from football. Soon as that card is shown they magically feel so much better again.


Liverpool for England and Rangers in Scotland (Grew up in Glasgow)

Just simply have no time to watch football due to my job, I read what I can in the papers though.. I do love watching international football.. I cringe at the sight of the English team, everytime I dedicate time to watch England play they do terribly (which is like 70% of the time anyway) but it's good entertainment.


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Kinda bumped the thread, but it was still on the first page :p


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Liverpool here....supported them for like 35 yrs. Been to Anfield many times too, even tho I live 250 miles away.

Stephen M

I grew up with rugby as the only game I followed, glad to see a Gloucester fan post here earlier in the thread, but have for the last 20 odd years been travelling up to watch Stenhousemuir and am a season ticket holder. I also look out for Rovers results, nothing wrong with the Gasheads.