Classics - Remind us of the ones that still make you move


We love you Ukraine
No matter what happens next year, it can’t be worse than what’s happened in the last six months. A lot of real life admin has come to a stage where I should (hopefully) not just making cameo appearances and mopping up spam. It’ll be good to be back properly 🤞👍
Whenever you can, no expectation, just nice to see you whenever you're on here.


We love you Ukraine
Someone posted a video of them doing Top of the Pops with Last Train to Trancentral, and I'd completely forgotten I had this copy in storage in the garage, so immediately pulled it out and stuck it on.

THIS... JUST... NEVER... GETS.... OLD!!!

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First, let me apologise for the english of this message, i'm not to sure how to write it correctly, but i think it may be important.

This one is a bit peculiar. It's a song that was written in 1955 by Aragon for a French Resistant, Poet, Armenian exiled (Missak Manouchian) and his group that was murderer 80 years ago, in 1944, by the french fascist government. He, and his wife, were entombed 3 days ago in the French Pantheon during a national Homage. It was sang by a french group (Feu!Chattertone). The first one to sang this song was Leo Ferret.
Anyway, the two version of this song are ... beautiful and has so much meaning ...
I hope you'll like them, even if they are in french (the youtube translation is okay i guess ...) and you may not understand everything.

The version sang 3 days ago :

The original version sang by Leo Ferret :

And some references for the context :
Missak Manouchian :
The Red Poster (l'Affiche Rouge)
And the Pantheon, just in case ^^ :