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You'd think with the amount of time I've spent playing Dark Souls I'd have countless screenshots, but I don't have all that many.

^Artorias' original armour
^And restored mod

I was invaded in the painted world, so I used Chameleon and the invader was running around for a good bit of time, lol.



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Any good? Trailer looked scary!

TBH im a coward and im not finding it too bad.

Im not great with horrors but i love them. I hate it when i ask people if they found a horror scary and they say "NO". The point of a horror is that is supposed to scare you and thats why i like them.

Space things don't bother me to much, except even horizon that was messed up and awesome.

Back to the game, its pretty jumpy about and hour or two in and i have only seen the aliens tail but you can hear it. If you have watched the films you can recognise the noises fairly early on in the back ground, the audio for the game is amazing.
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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is very very pretty. Click the images for the large version. Taken using FRAPS game running max settings.

AstronautsGame-Win64-Shipping 2014-09-26 14-30-37-79.jpg

AstronautsGame-Win64-Shipping 2014-09-26 13-37-04-28.jpg

AstronautsGame-Win64-Shipping 2014-09-26 13-59-51-60.jpg
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Is it me or do screenshots look better than when you are actually playing them.

Like my Alien screenshots up above look better than what i remember but guess it depends on the monitor and the fact i was more fear bound than awe bound