Space X Starship Test Flight

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Starship aborted/scrubbed...
Next possible attempt in around 48 Hours, 19th April🤞.

Love this shot under the Orbital Launch Platform of all 33 engines
33 super heavy booster engines.jpg

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Pictures in of the ground / crater left under the launch platform...

Orbital launch platform about two weeks before launch
OLM before launch.jpg

Orbital launch platform after starship launched
OLM after launch.jpg


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I wonder what the insurance claim process would be for this poor mini van and other people's camera equipment left around this site to capture this launch...
“You do realise that your policy doesn’t include acts of god, sir?”

“Yes, but this wasn’t god’s fault, it was Elon Musk’s fault”

“Ah, an act of sod. In that case, let’s proceed with your claim form”

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So.. after starship's launch and the destruction it left behind, chunks of concrete flying everywhere and almost a complete destruction of the orbital launch mount with the huge crater left in it's place...
Those's 33 raptor engine were just to powerful for a concrete floor, hence crater,
starship olm damage.jpeg

The orbital launch mount has finally been repaired with a serious upgrade, instead of a concrete floor, it now has a huge thick water cooled metal plate / water deluge system in place to prevent what happened with the last launch attempt,

Some renders of the upgrade...
starship olm upgrade.jpeg

starship olm upgrade 2.jpeg

As the orbital launch mount has been repaired, here is a video of the water deluge system in action as the orbital launch mount come back to life...

SpaceX still has an FAA licence to fly the next starship until the 15th of December 2023 i believe, We could see the next starship test flight before then🤞.

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SpaceX has conducted another orbital launch mount/ water deluge test, This time with super heavy booster number 9 on the mount which is there to soon start it static fire engine testing...

Super heavy booster 9 and Starship 25 are the next in line for the integrated test flight.

Here's a better look at the new water cooled metal plate floor..
starship olm upgraded metal floor.jpg

Hopefully starship won't dig out another crater and almost destroy is launch mount when it next take it's test flight.

Video of the water deluge test looking down at the metal plate


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SpaceX jumped into the deep end and went straight into a 33 engine static fire test with the water deluge system in action,

During the static fire test, 4 of the 33 engines shutdown, so it ended up as a 29 engine static fire test, SpaceX are going to remove the 4 engines that shutdown and replace them with 4 new engines and then conduct another 33 engine static fire test...

A video from a SpaceX drone watching the static fire test...

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Starship 2nd integrated test flight,

The countdown clock to launch is now ticking down, Friday 17th at 7am CT ( 1pm for us in the UK) there's a 2 hour launch window
T-Minus - 1 day ,12 hours .


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This Starship launch was flawless, All 33 engine active and running right up to stage separation, but this test flight ended again with the flight termination being triggered on both Starship and Booster🚀💥,
They managed to achieve more and go further and get more data with this test flight than the first test flight back in April

Starship launch...

Starship separation from booster...

Starship test 2, clear tower.jpg

Starship test flight 2 clean.jpg
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Pictures just in of the launch mount after Starship 2nd test flight,
The new water cooled metal plate floor looks like it held up to the immense forces of those 33 engines,( no crater )
The launch mount looks in great shape though a little charred.

Launch mount.jpg