The Christmas 2023 and New Year thread


We love you Ukraine
Its been good just me and mum, a couple of video calls to sisters, the eldest one is staying with her youngest son till february down in Cairns, apparently it was about 30 degrees both in and out the pool...............
Yeah, my sister lives in Brisbane and says it's proper roasting atm


At Least I Have Chicken
Merry Christmas, one and all. Wishing you good fortune and joyful times for the year of newness.



Lord of Steam
equivalent price of all your steam games is a night out in a club, few drinks and a lift home, :LOL:
I went to a New Years party at a mate's house a few years ago and the taxi home that would normally cost between 7 and 8 quid was a touch over 30 quid. I didn't really have a choice but to pay it once we were outside my house. I pretty much decided that I wasn't doing anything on NYE that required a taxi after that!


We love you Ukraine
A few beers in front of the TV with my parents. No paying quadruple fare taxis for me!
It's price of entry anywhere these days is insane on New Years, even the local pub charges entry.

You need like £300 for a decent night out.

BACK IN MY DAY drinks were £1 a pint, no pubs charged entry, clubs were like £20. A taxi was £20 across half of london.

God I'm old.