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Here are the latest comments made by some of our previous customers. These are genuine comments and we were given permission by the customer to put these comments on our website. If you choose to email one of our customers, please do so with due respect as we are very grateful for them offering their service as a reference for us.

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No:2429Date:23-04-2014Name:Anthony R DudleyEmail:tonydudley1btinternetcom

No Fears.
All my fears of ordering a computer over the net were unfounded. The pc specialist site was a dream to use and just ten days from order to delivery was bang on. Delivery could not have been smoother. My new computer is now set up and working a treat with no teething troubles. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.

No:2428Date:23-04-2014Name:Andrew GoacherEmail:dracanusajggmailcom

I bought an optimus laptop 15" because I wanted an upgrade from a generic laptop I bought the previous year.
I'm not going to lie, apart from the lower res screen, I was fairly happy with the laptop but I figured I'd treat myself and get an upgrade.
It's more than worth the money, it knocks my old laptop way, way out of the water. It gets used for gaming and programming and doesn't really break a sweat no matter what I throw at it. It's pretty well built, feels solid and looks nice. For the price I paid, it's ridiculously high specced, it's better than the machine I use for development at work!
I paid for the fast track service and it was ready in 2 days, which was just awesome.
While I hope I don't have to buy another laptop for a few years, I will most definitely come back to buy from here again :)

No:2427Date:20-04-2014Name:Malcolm MarshallEmail:malcolmmarshall20btinternetcom

I found this to be a clear and easy to use website with lots of information. Standard or customized machines available. You can choose what you would like and also ask advice on-line or by phone. Once you place an order you are kept informed about progress all the way through. Mine was delivered on time at the place I wanted. The machine is now up and running and is great. I wanted a fast uncluttered machine with a specific OS and that is what I got. Excellent service which I would use again.

No:2426Date:17-04-2014Name:Craig BrigantesEmail:Megorraskycom

I am utterly delighted with my new desktop. It took only 13 working days and, in my case, was delivered almost to the minute that I was told it would be. PCSpecialist kept me informed by email as to the progress of my order and then by text when it was due for delivery.
The PC arrived in superb packaging which is fully collapsible for storage should you need to return it to them in the future. It came with all the manuals and disks for the components in an excellent welcome pack. The machine itself is truly staggering, sturdily built with all the inner cables and workings neatly presented.
I was going to build a PC myself by ordering all the components from the web but I am so glad I didn't. The prices from PCSpecialist are highly competitive and you get a LOT for your money.
I'm 100% chuffed to bits with mine and I cannot recommend PCSpecialist enough. It's early days yet but I'm sure that I'm gonna have a long and enjoyable relationship with this epic new machine.
Thank You to ALL the team at PCSpecialist :)


My two PC Specialists machines are coming up to their forth and fifth birthday. Both have run brilliantly. Apartfrom one stick of RAM having to be replaced and the water cooler on the newer machine they have been fault free. I have up graded the graphic cards and added more RAM. These machines still play all games on maximum and are good for at least two more year. Tech support has been first class

No:2424Date:13-04-2014Name:Darren CalvertEmail:cfoobshotmailcouk

I bought a laptop near the end of June in 2010 which was 850 and fairly high-spec. At the time it ran the latest games smoothly at a high detail level and over the past 4 years it's served me very well, but obviously by now it struggles to run the latest games at low detail or even at all.
Recently I was able to accumulate just over the same amount that my laptop cost back then and had it in mind to buy a desktop PC this time. I wanted a custom built one because I knew what my priorities were component-wise and didn't want to have to try and find something pre-built which was nearest to my criteria and I'd heard that these days it's possible to get a custom built PC for about the same price as a pre-built equivalent.
Thankfully I found PC Specialist and after thoroughly browsing the site I actually ordered a PC the next day. The wait time was exactly the same as the estimated wait time reported on the site when I ordered it and during the processing I received e-mail notifications every step of the way. Also if you intend to keep a PC for several years like myself then it's well worth being just a little bit patient.
When it was delivered by DPD who have an excellent tracking service everything was absolutely perfect and I could tell straight away that the build quality was excellent. It was easy to setup and after checking the BIOS and doing my Windows settings the first thing I did is install a well known games client I have an account on and install a game I'd bought in anticipation.
Now I knew it'd be a lot better than my laptop but it was better in a spectacular way. Much, much better than I expected. I'm totally and utterly delighted with the computer and the outstanding service of PC Specialist. Highly recommended to say the least. Thanks very much.

No:2423Date:09-04-2014Name:Neil SmitEmail:wnsmittygmailcom

It with pleasure that I find myself writing a review on this website. May 2013 I bought a Pc built to spec for 1000. I was extremely pleased with the PC and it worked flawlessly until Jan 2014 when it began to freeze randomly during game play within 15 minutes to 3 hours after boot up. I spent 6 weeks trouble shooting the issue myself; intel CPU test software, GPU test software, hard drive test software, full memtests, and finally a full windows install. I found nothing to point to a device or software and the PC continued to freeze even when using explorer. After contacting PC specialist they arrange for a pickup of the PC. During the whole process PC specialist, including the person directly responsible for the investigation e-mailed me constantly with updates. Eventually I was informed that the motherboard was at fault and they had returned it to the vendor. I must admit I was skeptible of this fixing the issue, but after the PC was returned I found that after 4 days of testing on all the games and general PC use I have not experienced a freeze once. I am extremely impressed with the service and also the fact that the pickup and re-delivery of the PC was picked up by PC specialist, which resulted in a working PC again. I know, after 6 PCs over the years, how hard it is to resolve PC issues even if you have the gear. I would recommend PC specialists to anyone thinking of buy a custom build PC, not just because the cost is very reasonable, but also because they do what they say they will when the PC doesn't stops working; they fix it. Thank you PC specialists.

No:2422Date:07-04-2014Name:Alex PetersonEmail:N/A

PCs from the big boys are fixed specification, or customizable to a point. So if you can't get just what you want, you have to go aftermarket and change or add components as necessary. Prices might be lower, but if you get any problems you probably don't have extra components to try direct swaps and locate faults quickly. And then you may have several suppliers to negotiate with.

Another sting in the tail for the cheaper PCs is that they are loaded to the hilt with junk that can take a long time to remove. I got one of those a year ago with total of 24 applications, split evenly between limited "trial" packages and free Windows 8 Modern Interface Apps (games). Before I could clear these up, the games had downloaded 10GB worth of updates to themselves.

I recently wanted a PC suitable as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), and I found this site offering configurations specific to this, and further the ability to tweak to your heart's content. PCSpecialist will give advice if you are not sure about suitability of any tweaks you are thinking about. The easiest way to find the specialist niche areas (such as DAW) is the "SiteMap" link at the bottom of the main page - there are no other obvious links. Oh, all right use Google if you must! It will find the landing pages.

The PC was delivered with top quality components, all set up and working perfectly. Operating System was loaded clean, no junk apps. And I got EXACTLY what I wanted. Very pleased with this.

No:2421Date:05-04-2014Name:Danny HolmesEmail:yodainblightyhotmailcouk

I have had my new PC a couple of weeks now and it is fantastic. I would heartily recommend a SSD for your OS. The extra spend really enhances the capability of your PC. This PC was completely customised to my spec the built for less than if I had trawled the internet for parts.
Due to the custom nature of the build, it does take a few weeks when busy, but is well worth the wait for the savings and the expert build. Thoroughly recommend.

No:2420Date:04-04-2014Name:Clive BalcombeEmail:clivetbrightonaolcom

A week ago I took delivery of my second pcspecialist desktop, the first one is now six and a half years old and still working even if it is a bit noisy and a bit slow running some modern software.It has been by far the best pc up till now I have owned.
I hope its replacement will prove to be just as good, I have been using it for a week and cannot fault the build quality and how it has been setup I am extremely pleased so far with my new pc and this was exactly how I felt when I took delivery of my first desktop from pcspecialist.
I will make no comment about the great service received and delivery arrangements as many other testimonials more than cover that side of your business.
Many thanks for another quality custom built pc.