Besides the usual payment options, PCSpecialist is able to offer tax efficient business leasing on order values between £1,000 & £100,000 (excluding VAT).

Tax efficient business leasing is only available to private and public registered Limited companies. Finance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

What is Business Leasing?

  • Business leasing is an effective way to spread the acquisition costs over the life of a product.
  • The finance company recovers the full cost of the equipment, plus charges, over the period of the agreement.
  • Although you don't own the equipment, you are responsible for maintaining and insuring it.

What are the benefits?

Business leasing is a very flexible way obtaining new equipment for your company without the need for an upfront purchase. The advantages are as follows:

  • Buying new IT equipment can be costly and requires substantial capital. Business leasing enables you to preserve precious cash reserves.
  • The smaller, regular payments required by a business leasing agreement enable you to manage your cash flow more effectively and adapt quickly to changing economic conditions.
  • Business leasing also allows you to upgrade assets more frequently ensuring you have the latest IT equipment without having to make further capital outlays.
  • It offers the flexibility of the repayment period being matched to the useful life of the equipment.
  • It gives you certainty because business leasing agreements cannot be cancelled by the lenders and repayments are fixed.
  • It is easy to access because it is secured on the asset being financed, rather than on other personal or business assets.

Example Business Leasing Options Exclusive of VAT

What happens at the end of the contract?

Once the rental agreement has finished and subject to Terms and Conditions being met you can either return the goods at no further cost, upgrade to the latest technology or continue to use the device in perpetuity for £150 plus VAT.

How to order?

To place an order using one of our tax efficient business leasing packages, simply configure an order to your desired specification and price (providing your choice is £1,000 ex VAT or above). Once you are satisfied with your choice, click the "Business Leasing" button which is located towards the bottom of the chosen specification page. You can then complete your application online and submit for approval.

You can configure a desktop computer here.

You can configure a laptop here.