Here are the latest comments made by some of our previous customers. These are genuine comments and we were given permission by the customer to put these comments on our website. If you choose to email one of our customers, please do so with due respect as we are very grateful for them offering their service as a reference for us.

No: 4,214
Name: Philip Kavanagh

Date: 07-12-2023

I ordered a pre built PC off these guys and it arrived within 3 days, It came in one piece and the computer booted up right away. I bought this PC whole as they offer warrantee on the whole thing which is great as it was very expensive. Highly recommend these guys, highly satisfied.
No: 4,213
Name: Toby Richards

Date: 04-12-2023

I have bought multiple machines from PCS over the years but recently two were near the end of their warranty period and so I decided to have them both looked at as there multiple issues to both (mostly due to heavy wear and tear overseas). Rhys Tracey looked after both and I'm not sure I can ever remember such excellent customer service. His attention to detail was amazing on all aspects of my jobs, even rebuilding bits of the keyboard from invidual keys as they werent being manufactured any more! Thank you Rhys, excellent work. Give this man a raise!
No: 4,212
Name: Holly

Date: 26-11-2023

I am over the moon with my new PC! From order placement to delivery the whole process only took a week and choosing specs was quite easy for somene like me who isn't 100% au fait with PC building. I really appreciated the updates and the first images I was sent when it had been built. I needed a system that could handle games like The Sims comfortably and that I can also use for uni work. My system is perfect and I can not recommend PCSpecialist enough!
No: 4,211
Name: Mark

Date: 26-11-2023

A top class service, from initial build to delivery. Updates every step of the way. My machine had excellent cable management. I recommend PCSpecialist 100%. Cheers!
No: 4,210
Name: Nicholas

Date: 08-11-2023

Great customer service and can’t recommend these guys enough. I dealt with a colleague called Josh and spent 1 hour 30 minutes to him on the phone about various things to do with my PC and he had all the time in the world for me. He had so much patience and was willing to help with every question I had. Honestly, Josh is an absolute asset to PCSpecialist. Thank you very much!
No: 4,209
Name: Michael Branscombe

Date: 27-10-2023

I had a problem with a game that caused the GPU to run hot on my laptop. Not only did the resolve the problem by changing the game settings. They also explained the difference between running games from battery only; as opposed using mains power. They also helped me update drivers for my graphics card and gave me other useful tips.

So helpful, they made allowances for my lack of knowledge, and I was so grateful that it was not a confrontational experience. They were brilliant...
No: 4,208
Name: Marc

Date: 22-10-2023

Awesome service received after I needed to reinstall Windows from scratch on my 1 year old laptop

. PCSpecialist had all the details product keys as well sending me detailed instructions. What a pleasure to deal with.

I have configured 2 high end workstations and a laptop from them and all have been brilliantly built and worked out the box
No: 4,207
Name: Timur

Date: 21-10-2023

Definitely worth the money, these guys are doing an amazing job, I just received my laptop and it’s a monster.
No: 4,206
Name: John Coyne

Date: 21-10-2023

Bought a pre built PC on 9th October. Have only just set it up with absolutely no issues. Primary reason for a new PC
was my desire to play Baldurs Gate 3, which I just bought this morning. Graphics look now I'm off to immerse myself in my new game. Cheers PCSpecialist
No: 4,205
Name: Damien Culleton

Date: 19-10-2023

Very good build quality and cable management.
Only slight issue was a loose PSU connection but its fair to say this was possibly done via transit although it was all very well packaged.
I certainly recommend.