Here are the latest comments made by some of our previous customers. These are genuine comments and we were given permission by the customer to put these comments on our website. If you choose to email one of our customers, please do so with due respect as we are very grateful for them offering their service as a reference for us.

No: 4023
Name: Rich Vincent
Email: [email protected]

Date: 28-05-2022

Purchased vortex xt from a 3rd party retailer and received my PC within 24hrs which was great. Unfortunately the gpu seemed to not be recognised by the OS so contact PCSpecialist.

From the first call to the last the guys at PCSpecialist were exceptional in their level of communication and service. They talked me through the diagnostics and quickly establish the gpu was the problem. I received a replacement gpu within 24hrs of agreeing to the replacement part even though we agreed a delivery window of 3/4 working days.

Very happy with Sam Mark Emile and Chris who were all fantastic in their handling of my problem. Exactly what you need from companies in this digitally connect yet sometimes socially disconnected consumer world.

Very happy to have my problem resolved quickly and with a level of investment rarely seen.

No: 4022
Name: Les fowler
Email: [email protected]

Date: 27-05-2022

First time having a PCSpecialist computer, and my experience with this company has been amazing, customer support is out of this world, they are very patient and extremely understanding, decided to get my computer upgraded but sadly got damaged during transport by DPD I was notified straight away by PCSpecialist and they couldn’t do enough to help they replaced the case free of charge and done an amazing upgrade for me, if you want to buy a computer and have an amazing experience with technical support and upgrades than this is the company for you, as far as I’m concerned I will continue to buy my computers from here, a big thank you to you all for your help and understanding, a big thank you to Tom for a fantastic upgrade, and Steve and Chris and so many more for the help you have given me
No: 4021
Name: Daniel Edwards
Email: [email protected]

Date: 22-05-2022

Easy ordering process. Good communication and rapid dispatch. Secure packaging and effective setup guide. Neat build overall. Front case fans not great quality and rather noisy. Cooling a little suspect with 5 front fans and only one rear fan due to radiator placement.
Overall would reccomend.
No: 4020
Name: k j evans
Email: [email protected]

Date: 17-05-2022

I have just purchased a new pc and the journey from ordering , configuring and delivery was seamless informative helpful and within my budget . There was no talking down just straight polite and patient instruction with further informative links sent to further aid any query , big shout to fatima mulla for her help , so now i can enjoy my new window on the world which i must say was built to an excellent standard.
No: 4019
Name: Thomas Clewley
Email: [email protected]

Date: 15-05-2022

Call in for some tech support with Louis Charles. He was very patient, helpful and walked me through over the phone to fix my issue. By the end of the call, my issue was fixed in no time at all and I even learned more about how my new PC works.

100% would recommend.
No: 4018
Name: Ryan freeman
Email: [email protected]

Date: 12-05-2022

Spoke to a guy today called Adam Lawson
About my computer because its been in testing for 3 days so was curious to what was up and he got back to me within 15 minutes, explained everything that was wrong and explained the process

Absolute legend we need more people like Adam Lawson working behind the scenes
No: 4017
Name: Asif Bostan
Email: [email protected]

Date: 26-04-2022

I Hope I got the spelling of his name right lol. Spoke to a guy called Louie (sorry if thats misspelled), he was very easy to talk to and was able to guide me through my questions with ease, which was perfect for me and helped me make a decision based on future proofing my machine. He laid out all the facts as well as gave his own opinion on what he would do if he had the resources. You guys need more employees like Louie. Give him a promotion or a raise lol. Cheers for the advice and guidance.
No: 4016
Name: Max
Email: [email protected]

Date: 12-04-2022

Spoke to Bradley today about a problem due to my computer running slow in games. We uninstalled the games driver via a DDU and installed it again now works back to normal performance. He was very patient with my slow internet and gave me tips on my computer and better internet advice (which i really need) I really appreciate all work at PCSpecialist thank you guys !
No: 4015
Name: Jacob Carter
Email: [email protected]

Date: 11-04-2022

So I spoke with Chris when I rang up to ask for some packaging to be sent to me for my RMA. Chris was so patient with me while talking through a different way to boot up my PC meaning I can use it while I wait for it to be picked up. He also made it so I will now be without my PC for considerably less time. Before I rang up I had a dead PC that wasn't working, that I would be without for 2-3 weeks. Now after talking with Chris I have a PC that I can turn on, that will be with me for the majority of the next 2 weeks, and that I should get back relatively soon after being picked up. Chris Leathem you are absolutely amazing and I'm so appreciative of your professionalism, knowledge and patience!
No: 4014
Name: terry vicars
Email: [email protected]

Date: 10-04-2022

had a little trouble with my first build laptop
PCSpecialist agreed to refund me ,so decided to go with another specification
Destian Series: 15.6 great specification with lots of storage
hassle free dealing with PCSpecialist ,all very helpful and kept me informed at all stages.
very pleased with my laptop.