Welcome Pack Box

The PCSpecialist welcome pack provides everything you need to set up, use, and maintain your new PC, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable computing experience. It is not necessary to use any of the extra items included in this pack. If you have a Wi-Fi enabled motherboard, you will need to attach the aerials included in this pack to the back of your motherboard.

If you have any questions or need assistance, refer to the included Welcome Booklet or reach out to the PCSpecialist support team at [email protected] or call us on +44 333 011 7000.


Kettle Lead

A kettle lead is included with all Desktop orders. This is required to plug into the power supply of the Desktop PC and to your wall socket. If ordering from the UK, a 250V 3-prong fused UK kettle lead is included. If ordering from Europe, a European standard 240V 2-prong kettle lead should be included.

If there is no kettle lead included in your welcome pack and you have a desktop; please reach out to the PCSpecialist support team.

Here is a list of items that may be included in your welcome pack:

PCSpecialist Welcome Booklet

PCSpecialist Welcome Booklet

A curated guide to help you with the setup of your PCSpecialist system, containing important information about your system, its components, warranty details, and how to get support if needed.

User Guides

User Guides

Additional user guides may be included in the Welcome Pack. These guides provide detailed instructions on how to set up and use specific components of your PC, such as the motherboard, case, and other peripherals.

Driver Software Disks

Driver Software Disks

These disks contain drivers necessary for the proper functioning of various hardware components in your PC, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. Drivers are usually pre-installed and up-to-date on your PCSpecialist system – we recommend you keep these safe with your welcome pack should any issues arise.

Display Cables

Display Cables

Additional cables for connecting your PC to external displays such as monitors or TVs may be included in your Welcome Pack. These are not necessarily required but are included if any of the components you selected came with them.

Wifi Aerials

wifi aerials

External antennas for wireless networking to enhance the range and stability of your PC's Wi-Fi connection. Please ensure these are connected to your motherboard if your motherboard supports it, otherwise you may encounter connectivity issues.

PSU and SATA Cables

Extra PSU and/or SATA Cables

Additional power and data cables for connecting internal components such as hard drives, SSDs, and other peripherals to your PC's power supply unit. These cables are generally spare cables that come as extras with your Motherboard or Power Supply. We recommend you keep these in with your welcome pack should you wish to upgrade any components in your system in the future.

Warranty Documentation

Warranty Documentation

Important paperwork detailing the terms and conditions of the components’ warranty coverage. We highly recommend you contact support if you need any help with warranty. Please visit https://www.pcspecial.ist/warranty/ for more information.

Mounting Hardware

Remaining cooler mounting hardware

Additional mounting hardware for CPU coolers, ensuring proper installation and efficient cooling of your processor. These will be spare brackets and fittings that were included with your choice of cooler.

Extra Tools

Extra tooling items

Miscellaneous hardware components such as motherboard screws, M.2 standoffs, and case screws are included in the Welcome Pack, which may come in handy for future upgrades or maintenance tasks.

If you are still unsure about what is included in your Welcome Pack, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on +44 333 011 7000.