Built to order computing solutions that precisely align with the distinctive requirements of the education sector.

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Understanding the diversity of educational needs, we've tailored our education configurator for maximum flexibility. Configure them according to your unique requirements and enjoy a bespoke solution.

What we can offer?

Explore the various ways we can support you in confidently executing your IT requirements.


  • Consultancy
  • Custom System Configuration
  • Managed Accounts
  • Asset Tagging


  • IT Suites
  • Gaming & Esports Studios
  • AI & Deep Learning Platforms
  • Professional Workstations

All of our systems are custom-configured, designed, and built to order for a perfect fit into your technological infrastructure.

for Esports

Learn like the best with a PCSpecialist Esports PC

We empower Esports professionals with cutting-edge PC solutions designed for peak performance. Elevate your esports experience with PCSpecialist Esports PCs and stay ahead of the competition.

Esports for Business

for Professionals

Optimise your workflows with a PCSpecialist Workstation

We cater for a number of professional industries with our dedicated Professional PCs. Specifically crafted for higher education, our dedicated workstations are designed to elevate performance and efficiency in university and college research environments.

PCs for Professionals

for Classrooms

Maximise Classroom Efficiency with a PCSpecialist PC.

Maximise Classroom Efficiency with a PCSpecialist PC.

PCs for Education


Explore Efficient Solutions with Frameworks

CPC framework LOT 1 – Desktop PC Solutions

PCSpecialist is a member of the CPC framework LOT 1 – Desktop PC Solutions.

Crescent Purchasing
This Lot is for the provision of goods and services including but not limited to supply, and supply and installation for desktop computers (Tower, Small Form Micro and All In One), including monitors, keyboards, and mice, including both wired and wireless, thin clients, high performance and gaming desktops, bespoke equipment, new technologies providing a desktop solution, accessories and cables, imaging services, maintenance services, other relevant services including asset tagging and training & support for all solutions.

PCSpecialist managed accounts

We'll assist you in finding the optimal solution that aligns with your technology needs and budget, all while providing a dedicated account manager as your single point of contact.

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Custom Branding

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Branded PCs

Make a lasting impression with our customisable branding options for PCs and laptops. Tailor the appearance to align perfectly with your school, college, university or esports brand identity, ensuring a cohesive and professional look across all devices.

*Please contact a member of the team for more information on any custom branding.

Asset Tagging

Our invaluable asset tagging service ensures efficient tracking, inventory management, and maintenance scheduling. This results in a professional appearance and practical functionality, maximising efficiency for your educational institution.

PCs for Education

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