Need a new car...


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Ask and ye shall receive!



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But I thought your new car was a sort of grey-silver? ...that spoiler will stick out like a spoiler...

hahaha lol, nice ded.

Washed and waxed it Friday afternoon. I quite enjoying looking after my car. It's nice seeing the rain beading on the paintwork. :)


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I'm test driving a car on Saturday, just wondering, how long do you reckon is an appropriate time to test drive it for?
Most of my driving in my car takes me along the ring road or motorway, but the garage is near the middle of town and is probably 15-20 mins drive (in traffic queues) away from any faster roads.
I've not bought a car from a dealer before so I don't know how long a standard test drive is


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This is the one I like.
It's a bit awkward because I want something with a decent sized engine and a bit of pace but I only want a small car. Hopefully I can barter them down a bit.



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hahaha lol,

lol 9 grand on a Fiesta! I mean, it looks good, low mileage, one owner, probably good MPG, But for 4-5grand you could get a very good car and still have some change.

Why don't you want a larger car btw?

What about something like this.... clicky will be much much more fun to drive. :)
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