What was your first car?


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^Not bad for a first car! :) I'm not old enough to drive yet, but when I do get my license and I'm insured, I hope to 'borrow' my dad's Corrado VR6. 0-60 in 5.8 seconds!! :D My dream car would have to be a Lotus Elise. Since I'm in Ireland, taxing a car with an engine over 2.8 litres costs nearly 2 grand!! Thing is, I can get a 1.8L Elise for around 7 grand. Cheap, powerful, practical(ish)!

Taxing or Insuring? :L Good luck getting insured on that though mate, I don't know how different Ireland is to England but I've got 2 years no claims and alot of places would either charge 6k to insure that or wouldn't even give me a quote. I tried a Honda Civic Type-r 2.0ltr petrol the other day (200bhp I believe) and this was my quote...


As you can see those 'lower prices' are if I pay it all in one go. The price next to them on the right is if I pay monthly which would go up to £6k. And most are with a tracking box installed in the car...

My first car (and current car) is a 1.2 Fiat Punto X reg (Year 2000). Been a good runner but in the market for something that munches the motorway a tad better now.


My first...i distinctly remember beating a fiat uno off the line once...


It was never as clean as that either...and a lot more faded...
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Age is more important with car insurance now, I've just turned 26 and my insurance premiums have dropped significantly!


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Age is more important with car insurance now, I've just turned 26 and my insurance premiums have dropped significantly!

I got a 53 plate citroen c2 for my first car aged 17. Insurance was £2400.
1 years no claims was £980
2 years no claims (19 years old) ~£500

Helps that I have a company van though.


Ummm my first car was my dads Lotus talbot Sunbeam 1600cc in bright orange..........all my m8's had escorts/cortinas/minis etc and damn didnt my sunbeam blow them away,2nd car was a Ford SIERRA XR4X4 2.9I V6 in polar white ....a awesome car for a lad...... other than watching the petrol gauge actually move when u booted it,thou i had to sell it when i brought my 1st house(I now drive a Vauxhall Zafira and a fiesta van lol,thou im pressuring my Mrs for a 3-4 year old XFR)
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Don't have a car to myself yet. But I learnt to drive in a 1991 Peugeot 205 that we bought for £100. Passed first time with 1 minor ;)

Knock around in my Dad's Kia Picanto when I need it. Also hire a Ford Fiesta (the new kind) when I'm at my Mums - or I drive her Polo, which I think is a 2005ish model.


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The best trick with insurance is to add drivers such as parents. This is the biggest factor. Of course numbskull friend of mine faked his occupation. This dropped it 2k. Can't wait till he is in an accident and his insurers void him.

Obviously not a bad accident ...... :sweatdrop:


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I know, its not the cheapest option.. :p Tax will be very low though, as it has a small engine. I know that in England tax isn't that expensive for cars with large engines. For example, my dad pays over 1500 for taxing his 2.8l VR6 Corrado, but the Elise shouldn't be over 600 to tax (which is very little for road tax over here). Insurance shouldn't be much if I can get it with my parents insurance. Sure with every year that passes, my insurance will cost less and less, due to my age. I've still got a year or two to think about it, so maybe I'll end up changing my mind. But I'm still really, really determined to get something sporty, and I'm willing to waste my summers saving up for it! :p


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Don't forget you can insure Corrado on classic insurance, which means paying around £200-400 tops. Obviously it will be on limited mileage to max 5000 miles p/a.

I'm 32, 5 years NCB, no accidents or points and my 16v Corrado is costing me £900 p/a to insure. But that's as a full daily (not classic insurance) with some mods declared too.


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Sounds like a great deal! My dad is on something similar.. But in my case it would be a lot more, as when your a young driver, most of the extra cost is because of the risk of harming other people, not the risk of damaging the car. That's why it would cost pretty much the same to insure a lotus elise as it would to insure an old fiat punto.. Oh I hate being young! :( Haha


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Rover 200 series from 1996. Died on the sliproad pulling off the M4 when I was going to Court in Kingston. I was therefore stranded miles from the court with four huge ring binders full of key documents that Counsel was going to need for that hearing. That was not a good day


My first car is a ~10 year-old Rover 25 - it was my grandfather's old car which we took the train to Aberdeen to get, and drive back down. It was in fairly bad condition - things like heating didn't work which was great since we were driving it down at christmas. As a result I haven't touched it the four years I've had it :p
Thinking of fixing it up as a summer project.


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A Morris marina that I paid £72 for about 26 yrs ago. The worst car I ever owned....I only had it for about a month....in that time I broke both rear leaf springs and then the engine gave up :)


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My first car was an Austin Metro in a yucky brown colour, it belonged to a co-worker who was going to scrap it but didn't because they wanted to charge him to scrap it, jokingly I said I'd take it off his hands for £20 and he agreed! I took it to my dad who owned at the time half a dozen garages and tire centres and he checked it over for any work that needed doing.

It needed:

2 tires: I got re-treads at trade price - £15
Bonnet re-spraying - £10
Complete valet inside and out - £15

When he brought it back to me it looked like new and he asked if I was looking at selling it, I said yes and he sold it for me for £400.

Investing £60 I made a clear profit of £340 :D


First car was a 1.3 Kia Pride. I was a really bad driver back then - young, hot-headed, immensely overconfident. One of my friends pointed out that KIA means Killed In Action. I drove that poor little thing so hard the engine block warped. They thought it was the head at first, but even a new one didn't fit.


My first car was a new fiat seicento citymatic 900cc in 2000, after only 18 months it needed a new clutch and gearbox, it also needed new pistons all in the 3 years i owned it


Mine was a 1978 Ford Fiesta MK 1 Number plate FGC 861T I bought it in 1988. biggest pile of junk in the world, but I loved her all the same


52 Plate V8 3.2L jagxuar XJ8, technically dads but he has a motorbike to get to work everyday so :p get some very odd looks parking that at college when i drive in. possibly one of the smoothest quietest cars we have ever owned but roars when you floor it and would easily beat anything off the line. because of being a Jag it has an amazing sound system as stock. ours has the adaptive suspension too so as you corner it stiffens to hold the road better but will soften again to make the ride comfortable.