Now that we have assembled your computer, we thought that you might like to see how it looks! We have produced a 360 image of your computer to allow you to see progress so far!

We know that many of our customers are excited to see the pictures of their order, however please remember a few points:

  • This is a 360 image of your computer as it has been assembled, but before it has been tested and before any quality control checks. If there are any errors in the performance/specification these will be picked up during the testing and quality control process and the products fitted inside your computer may change.
  • The computer is not powered on during this stage. If you have ordered any RGB fans, lighting or LEDs these will not be working.
  • The side panels are not fitted to allow you to see inside the computer and view the cable management. Once the testing process is complete, the side panels will be fitted.
  • There may be plastic shrink wrapping on the front / sides of the computer case which will detract from the visual impact of the case.

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