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Our insurance packages protect against theft, accidental damage, breakdown and also liquid damage. With laptops being used all over the home, it can be very easy to spill your drink or knock it from your kitchen worktops and therefore insurance is strongly recommended.

Why Do I Need Insurance for my Computer?

  • 80% of household insurance policies do not adequately cover portable electronic equipment.
  • Half of all street crime involves portable electronic equipment.
If your portable electronic equipment is damaged or stolen this could cost you hundreds of pounds as well as cause a lot of inconvenience, stress and hassle.

Repairing your Computer

You may believe that damaging your laptop is unlikely, yet they are so easy to drop or knock. This is the most common grounds for insurance claims today, with thousands of claims being made a week.

  • Cosmetic damage and battery damage can cost upwards of £60 to repair.
  • Liquid damage can be irreparable.

Insurance policies are provided to you by us and arranged on our behalf by Simplesurance GmbH. Simplesurance GmbH is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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